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Introducing Geoffrey Colwill

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I am Geoffrey Colwill and I am the principle of SmallBizFit. For many years I have worked alongside small business operators and have assisted them to identify and solve business operational issues that were weighing them down and I have helped them to break free to become smallbizfit. Seeing a business grow and prosper using effective business solutions is a real passion of mine. I am passionate about helping people and I enjoy working with people to help them ground their passion/vision amongst the joys and challenges of daily life.

 Learnings to share – Getting organised

In order to be effective in business we need to be organised!

Being on top of our daily ‘to do list’, replying to emails and phone messages or simply following through on our commitments to take actions can distract you.

Understanding that shortage of time is not the issue, but rather an abundance of opportunities that you can prioritize is part of the solution. That so long as your list of tasks is prioritized, that it doesn’t matter how much you achieve during the day, you know that you have invested your time and energy in completing the tasks that were most important/urgent. Being real with ourselves, about how long it will take to do things and then double the time in your planning is the first step. Implementing the correct business software to assist you in this daily regime is the second and training you to think and act differently is the third. The end result is you being in control and having the freedom to run your business more effectively!

Small Business Accounting

Many small to medium size business owners spend time worrying about cash flow, compliance, and accounting when they could be spending their time focusing on their core business; customers, marketing and building new business. The health and fitness of a small business can be assessed very simply by looking at the way in which the business operates and performs. If your business systems are not robust and up to date then your business is at risk of poor performance, even though you are working your hardest on a daily basis. Ensuring that your business becomes ‘SmallBizFit’ is where we come into the picture.

As a business owner do you struggle with emerging technology? Do you want to be in control of your daily business operations? Do you want to be more organised? Do you want to save time to spend outside your business? Do you want to save money? All or just one of these questions can be answered by talking to smallbizfit.

We work with you to set up and implement tailored small businesses software and train you to use them efficiently.

The work we do together will complement the work of your other business advisors and we will assist you to run your business more efficiently so you are working smarter not harder. For example:- …………………………….(add )

Small business systems and solutions – what are they?





My Experience

  • Over the years I have obtained extensive experience in commercial real estate sales in London & Sydney provided a great grounding in commercial reality.
  • 12 years in senior management and board roles at the Findhorn ecovillage, spiritual community and workshop centre, honed my interpersonal skills and taught me many lessons in grounding vision in the world
  • Working with NFPs such as Petrea King’s Quest for Life (supporting people with life-threatening illnesses) and Nortec Employment and Training, as non-executive Chairman, have provided a range of skills to enable me to support small businesses in a range of ways
  • I have worked with 100s of small businesses to help them get organised and to implement manual or software systems to enable them to save time and money in their business
  • I have worked with a group of companies as an external finance manager implementing effective systems and training to enable work to be completed in a timely and accurate manner, freeing up time for non-admin tasks, which are often more fun and productive.

My Qualifications

As an MYOB Certified Consultant first in 1995 and a member of the Partner Advisory Group I have a depth of experience and often test the latest new products for MYOB, before general release.

My Volunteer work

I commit 2 days per week to voluntary work supporting local initiatives.

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