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Services to the Accountancy Industry

SmallBizFit has award-winning, business-savvy solutions to help your clients grow and maintain business through proven business practices. We provide a wide range of services to your clients to make them feel that they are in control and up to date with what is happening in their business. This will make any accountants job easier, saving you, the Accountant and your clients time and money.

Our range of services come from years of experience in knowing what business people want and they include;

  • Moving clients to the cloud
  • Accounting software selection
  • Setup and training for clients
  • troubleshooting
  • Accounts system health checks
  • Staff training for your clients or your staff.

Moving to the Cloud

Many people may be apprehensive  with moving to the cloud for their accounting but in reality this will allow you alot more freedom in conducting your business. Geoffrey Colwill is a certified consultant with MYOB and is able to show you how to migrate from your current system to one that offers many more advantages.

Geoffrey can help you with;

  • Current system analysis
  • Benefits of moving
  • Setup of new system
  • training


Accounting Software for you

Selecting the right accounting software for your clients


Setup and Training for Clients

As we know having the right setup in the beginning for your clients will just make your job easier and more profitable. Geoffrey will sit down with your clients and help them setup the online Accounting pacakge that is best suited to all.



Finding issues in the initial setup of your accounting and providing solutions is what we are really good at…….


Account Systems Health checks

No doubt that you have heard the saying “dont work in your business, work on it” and sometimes we get caught in the ritual of conducting business instead of maintaining it. This is where Geoffrey Colwill can make suggestions and refer your clients to better ways to doing their accounting preparation.


Training for Accounting Staff


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